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Meet Shanghai Medical Center We encourage you to discover and realize your value!
Why did you join us? We devote ourselves to the sunrise industry and meet a brand new self here. We are full of enthusiasm and put this enthusiasm into practice. Shanghai Medical provides you with a broad platform, as big as the heart, as big as the stage, to join us = the future has unlimited possibilities. Come along! Development Trend and Market Prospect of China's Medical Device Industry in 2018 Despite the sluggish global economic growth in recent years, the medical device industry continues to grow steadily.... Learn more Medical industry or one of the "troikas" to boost domestic demand At present, the rigid demand in the fields of pension, education, health care and so on is explosively increasing.... Learn more
The work experience you will have Xujiahui in the central city of Shanghai has our headquarters and marketing center. In the beautiful Fengxian, we have our logistics center, factories and medical equipment industry park. We hope that people of insight can join us and grow together to create the bright future of Shanghai medical treatment.
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If you are brave and have a dream, join us and live your life! Contact mailbox: Contact number: 021-64282532 021-50891250 Contact address: Lianfenghui 2C-2F, 315 Guangyuan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai