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Shanghai Medechi Five New Products Leading 100 Media Reports Resource: Shanghai Medechi Medical Beauty Platform 22nd March

On March 17, 2019, Shanghai Medechi new products release conference was held in the beautiful Ritz-Carlton by Huangpu River. This conference will attract the attention of the medical and aesthetic industry and be tracked and reported by many media, including Today's headlines, the first financial network and other related websites. For a time, the sensation in the circle was extremely loud and the response was very strong.

This new product release conference, high-tech combined with high technology, Mr. Qiu Jianjun, Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai Medechi Group, and many top authoritative representatives in medical beauty industry, combined with years of experience in medical beauty, provide international cutting-edge technology for all the beauty seekers. Together, witnessed the birth of five new medical beauty products.

Chairman Qiu Jianjun gave a speech

In the opening speech, Chairman Qiu Jianjun said: "Shanghai Medechi is currently the general agent of many original factories, including Medisu, Run Baiyan, NewLV 3D, Sexapple silicone gel breast implant, ZERO-TIME, Rui Xiuli essence, LOUIS LAN corset, Germany PRIMA surgical equipment and other products. Today is the release of five new products of Shanghai Medechi. In the future, Shanghai Medechi will continue to maintain the speed of more than five new products every year. ”

New product 1 ZERO-TIME water carving instrument: black technology beauty instrument that does not brush acid, does not damage the stratum corneum, 25μm deep layer cleaning hair follicle patent technology.

Dr. Zhou Yuzhen took the stage to explain the product

New product 2 Rui Xiuli VC essence: high concentration -15% L-ascorbic acid, authorized by Swiss Research Center, to make your skin young and energetic.

French fashion designer Auguste poinalé

New product 3 LOUIS LAN corset: We deliberately connected the French fashion designer, he said that every update of medical materials and technology is a revolution in the field of plastic surgery, and ultimately will be for beauty. Bring a safer and more perfect plastic experience.

GM Hu Mingjian explained the products

New product 4 Sexapple: raw materials from the United States nusil and applied, using German 5-degree cross-linking gel technology, sexy and natural touch, hardness and softness with a perfect ratio of 5:5.

New product 5 New LV: Customizable · Simple and long-lasting Korean imported threads.

The new product that debuted at the finale was NewLV. We are honored to have Professor Cui Haiyan, Director of the Hongmei Special Needs Clinic of the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. Professor Cui shared what is a good thread, NEWLV is a special medical polymer material, called PP line in the United States, is a very safe THREAD, the atmosphere once reached a climax!

The picture shows Professor Cui Haiyan’s passionate speech.

Today, the medical beauty market is growing rapidly. Shanghai Medechi said that it would continue to introduce advanced and healthy medical and aesthetic concepts and innovative technologies, and adhere to develop medical beauty procurement platform to jointly promote the healthy development of the medical and aesthetic industry.

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