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Well-grounded, Plastic Surgery Technology Week held by Shanghai Medechi was a complete success! Resource: Shanghai Medechi Medical Beauty Platform 22nd March

March 16-17, 2019, hosted by Zhang Disheng Plastic Surgery Development Foundation, Shanghai Plastics Technology Week and the 18th Shanghai International Plastic Surgery Conference, co-organized by the Ninth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine The International Conference Center ended successfully. As a top event in the field of plastic surgery, Shanghai Medical is involved.

Shanghai Medical's many new products unveiled

Shanghai Medechi has brought New LV three kinds of threads, Rui Xiuli VC essence, Sexapple silicone gel breast implant, ZERO-TIME water carving instrument and LouisLan corset 5 new products, as well as Meidisu, Sunmax collagen, Runbaiyan professional plastic hyaluronic acid and other products participated in the exhibition.

Shanghai Medechi in Exhibition

At 9:00 a.m. on March 16th, the audience came to Shanghai Medechi A08 booth to learn about new products. After the conversation, Sahnghai Medechi gained high attention and recognition of the guests.

Qiu Jianjun, Chairman of Shanghai Medechi communicate with distributors

At 3 p.m. on March 16th, Professor Li Qingfeng and Professor Zhang Yuguang from the Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital also personally came to the Shanghai Medechi exhibition booth to bring cordial condolences and gave high praise and recognition to our products.

Shanghai Medechi Sales Director and Professor Li Qingfeng took a group photo Shanghai Medechi Sales Director and Professor Zhang Yuguang took a group photo

In addition, Shanghai Medechi is the largest distributor of Sunmax and Medisu in mainland China. We also invited Dr. Shi Chengfang (Member of the IRG Alliance) to share the speech at the satellite conference, the topic of which is "three-dimensional improvement of the injectable collagen combined threads technology" to the guests, and everyone was very impressed at this meeting.

Dr. Shi Chengfang gave a speech at the satellite conference

Shanghai Medechi has appeared in the plastic surgery forum for several years and has received great attention and recognition from the industry. Today, the medical and beauty market is growing rapidly. Shanghai Medechi will continue to introduce advanced and healthy medical and aesthetic concepts and innovative technologies to jointly promote the healthy development of the industry.

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